founding and idea

the project „aktivHelfen“(help active)  was foundet 2013 by Philipp Zeiler

It started with a charity concert in a church in a small village.

The organist did not get any money for playing the organ, but some donations. He did not use it himself, he donated everything.

The project „aktivHelfen“ was born.


"the biggest gesture of one person is to help others."


the special thing about our project is, that the viewer gets something for his donation.


The project started just with one person and

today we are six young people 

                      Why do we support?

Because we love music and we love it to help other people. 
It is awesome to get a smile or a thanks from people, who  got support from us.

                     What do we support?

We support social facilities e.g. kindergardens, schools or nursing homes. We also help in the care of monuments.


Our team organizes concerts for free and use the donations for that facilities or for different societies.

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